Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ribbony Boo.




Ribbony Boo
Rp. 150.000
yes, this piece is so very much inspired by the ribbon - shoe - lover, Ribbonyboo
she loves pearls, pastels and ribbon.
we thought, hmm we have pearls, we have pastels stones, and we have this vintage charm that we keep for quite a while, combine those 3 and voila! this bag charm/bracelet is born.
it can be worn as a bracelet or as a bag charm, you choose! either way, its super cute!
the ribbon charm is vintage, it was our's phone charm, we found it on our last trip overseas and fell in love with it instantly. And when we paired it with the pearls and the faux stones, it was so cute we can eat it! (kidding!)
*some of the crystals from the ribbon charms are gone, but it doesn't effect the cuteness of the ribbon itself!
only 1 piece available
text us at 0813 7900 5000
or mail us at odetteandodille@gmail.com to order
or add us at facebook : Odette Odille

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